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Molding Students In The Word Of God To Make Them Vessels Fit For His Use.

Meet Our Team of Experienced Instructors.

Dr. Derek Wilson, Ph.D

Dr. Derek Wilson, Ph.D., Founder of Spirit of Love Center, Victory Bible Training College & Destiny Academy. He received his Doctor of Theology from the School of Bible Theology Seminary and University. Dr. Derek has sought to fulfill the Lord’s plan to establish and build the Body of Christ. He has opened his heart to help other pastors, leaders, and churches to walk in the fullness of their authority and potential in the body of Christ. Pastor Derek has a vision to see Jesus manifest His power throughout every city and nation. The Apostolic Anointing displays the power of the governmental structure and the foundational need to “build many the House of the Lord.” Many pastors have been encouraged, “build-up,” and sent forth to do the work of the Lord.

Dr. Claressa Wilson, Ph.D

Dr. Claressa Wilson, Ph.D., Co-Founder of the Spirit of Love Center, Victory Bible Training College & Destiny Academy. She received her Doctor of Theology from the School of Bible Theology Seminary and University.

Dr. Claressa was active in ministry as a youth. She served as an ministry of helps for Evangelist A.A. Allen. Through those early years of Pentecost, Dr. Claressa saw the Gospel of Jesus Christ come alive in front of her own eyes. Her faith would cause her to carry a “fire” for Revival and miracles. Dr. Claressa has traveled to Mexico and Canada, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in conferences, seminars, missions, retreats, and local churches. She has pastored the Spirit of Love Center with her husband Dr. Derek For the past 34 years. Dr Claressa has been faithful and consistent in conducting monthly and bi-monthly Women’s Ministry meetings, Annual Retreats, special Conferences/Events throughout the year to strengthen and promote healing in the lives of many women near and far. She has a deep passion for strengthening and maturing Christ’s body through the wisdom of God’s Word.

Dr. Carroll Parish, Th.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Carroll Parish has been in the ministry for 57 years. He has pastored churches, taught seminars, done short-term mission work in 33 countries, and hosted a weekly program seen nationwide on satellite television. Dr. Parish has a heart to help young pastors and believers to mature in the things of God. He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 52 years. They have two sons, and eight grandchildren and one great, grandson.

Dr. Cecil Blye, Ph.D.

Dr. Blye is the Lead Pastor of More Grace Ministries Church and President of More Grace Ministries, Inc. He is a graduate of Brown University (B.A. in American Civilization), Harvard University (master’s in theological studies), and Brandeis School of Law (Juris Doctor).

Dr. Blye’s television broadcast, “Faith is The Victory,” is viewed internationally. Dr. Blye serves as one of three national vice-presidents for S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), and also serves as general legal counsel for the organization, promoting a biblical worldview, free enterprise, personal freedom, and a constitutional republic. Dr. Blye is a past president of the Louisville Right to Life, past chairperson of the Louisville Branch NAACP Legal Redress Committee, served as an Assistant Director of Law for the City of Louisville, and as an attorney for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. He begins his first-year teaching at Victory Bible Training College in the fall semester.

Dr. Roy Coleman, DDiv.

Dr. Roy Coleman
is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Victory Christian Center Church (VCCC), Louisville, KY. Where Dr. Roy and his wife have pastored for the past 13 years. He has helped plant several churches during the past 32+ years and served in three different area churches as Senior Associate Pastor, Elder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. He has also served in most ministry areas before planting VCCC.

Dr. Roy has been teaching and preaching the Word of God for 32+ years, using one of God’s most substantial gifts and anointing in his spirit and life. In addition, Dr. Roy Coleman spent 30 plus years as an engineering, marketing, and sales executive in the GE company across the USA. At Victory Bible Training College (VBTC), Dr. Coleman teaches The Name of Jesus, The Believers Authority, New Testament Survey 1 and 2, and several other courses. He also serves on (VBTC) Board of Directors.

Dr. Dwayne Norman, Ph.D

Dr. Dwayne Norman is a 1978 graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas. He received his Doctor of Theology from New Life Bible school in Cleveland, Tennessee, and his Doctor of Divinity from Kingsbury Bible College in Vinton, Virginia. Dr. Norman spent three years as a team leader in the Campus Challenge Ministry of Dr. Norvel Hayes. He also teaches as a guest minister at Dr. Hayes Bible school in Tennessee. In 1982 Dr. Norman began teaching and ministering throughout the nation. He teaches powerfully about supernatural evangelism and how God wants to use all believers to demonstrate His Kingdom in Word and power!

Dr. Norman clearly teaches the work that God accomplished for every Believer in Christ from the Cross to the throne and the importance of this revelation to the Church for the fulfillment of Jesus’ commission to make disciples of all nations. He firmly believes that we are called to do the works Jesus did and more excellent works in his name, not just in Church but especially in the marketplace. He and his wife Lea travel and teach supernatural evangelism, the mystery of Christ, faith, grace, and healing. And they train believers to understand the varied aspects of their identity in Christ. Dr. Norman has been in ministry for 42 years and has been traveling and teaching for 40 years.

Dr. James Byars, DDiv.

Dr. James Byars is the Senior Pastor, and Founder of Fountain of Faith Christian Center Inc. Dr. Byars teaches the Word of Faith with Simplicity and understanding. He is the founder and director of Fountain of Faith’s Man Ministry, “Men of The Word,” where he conducts bi-monthly mentorship classes. He is also a former Louisville, KY. Professional Private School Classroom Teacher with an endorsement in Bible Study and a former instructor at Kingdom Training Center Bible School, Louisville, KY.

Dr. Byars will be teaching Faith Builders. He will teach the students the importance of faith, how to walk by faith consistently, how faith works, and how to build on the faith they already have. The measure of faith was dealt to us the moment we were born again, according to Romans 12:3. Once you know you have faith, knowing what to do with it is of the utmost importance. I will be answering these questions.

Dr. Joseph Brown Sr., MTh, B.S., DDiv., Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Brown Sr. is the Founder of Seeds of Faith Christian Center Inc. Dr. Brown has been teaching the Gospel for 45 years. Dr. Brown started instructing children and young people at the Spirit of Love Center Church. He is an anointed teacher of leadership, going about training people to become ministers. Dr. Brown is currently working on a doctorate in education at Northcentral University.

He has a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry, a Master’s in theology from Campbellsville University, and a Doctorate in divinity and theology. He has been a volunteer Chaplain in a nursing home, helping and teaching people with illnesses for four years and collaborating with the Rabbis in the synagogue. Dr. Brown is known as an honorary Jew. He has studied at the University of Louisville, taking classes about Coaching Around Generational Differences and courses for Leadership at Evangel World Prayer Center. Dr. Brown is a Certified Christian Chaplain from the International Federation of Christian Chaplains. He has been in the Army National Guard and Reserves for fourteen years, seven years as a Chaplain Assistant, and seven years in Communication. Dr. Brown has served as Elder, Deacon, Assistant Pastor, Associate Pastor National Director of Kentucky, and is a Kentucky Colonel. (God’s Man, In God’s Place at God’s Time, for God’s Purpose)

Dr. Brown has taught Church History to give the student a general knowledge of the significant individuals and groups that have shaped the direction of the church history. Evangelism Explores the Biblical, theological, ethical, and sociological foundations and implications of the Great Commission. Introduction to several presentations of the Gospel while challenging students to formulate their own Gospel presentation fit for various cultural settings. Encourages students to be aware of the philosophical presuppositions influencing their personal proclamation and living out the Gospel and Charismatic Revival. Charismatic Revival is a study of the Biblical and theological foundations for both continuous Revivals of the Church and periodic revivals within the Church, including historical perspectives as illustrative of these realities at Victory Bible Training College.

Dr. Craig Basler, DDiv.

Pastor Craig is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Family Church in LaGrange. KY where he and his wife
have served for the past 30 years. Pastor Craig has been married to his wife Nancy for 37 years. They have three adult married children and four grandchildren. He served in the United States Army for 10 years. He is a graduate of RHEMA Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and is ordained through the RHEMA Ministerial Association International where he serves as a Kentucky district director.

Dr. Charles (Randy) Nichols, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles “Randy” Nichols is a graduate of Kentucky State University (history and political science 80’s) and an MPA (human resource management 1984). He holds an earned doctorate in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship from the Union Institute (1995). Dr. Nichols began his online teaching career in 1998, serving as doctoral faculty for Walden University, and has served as Sullivan University’s first Online Dean. Dr. Nichols has taught on several learning management systems and holds various online instructor certifications. He has created online courses for Los Angeles Community College and Kaplan University. Southern New Hampshire University and Sullivan University.

Dr. Ron D. Robinson, MDiv. / Professor, Ph.D.

Dr. Ronnie Robinson “Ron” has been in ministry for 49 years. He has pastored four Churches in his career. In addition, he has matriculated at the University of Louisville and Louisville Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, where he obtained degrees from both institutions. Dr. Robinson has 20 years of classroom teaching experience. His area of concentration is the Old and New Testament, Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, The Psalms, the Epistles, Hermeneutics and Exegesis, Homiletics and Preaching, Biblical Base Theology, Contemporary Theology, and Church Growth.

Dr. Leia Norman, Ph.D

Dr. Leia Norman is a 2022 Doctor of Theology graduate from John Hobson Bible Training Center, in Mt. Sterling, KY. Dr. Leia has led the Ladies Ministry at Cathedral of Glory Church in Mt. Sterling, her home church, since 2014 and has been traveling and ministering alongside her husband for the last 15 years, where they operate prophetically in the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues. After retiring as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Whitaker Bank in Lexington, KY. Dr. Norman began traveling and ministering full-time with her husband, Dr. Dwayne Norman. Dr. Leia also owns and operates a very successful cleaning company. Dr. Leia has a passion to see Christians excel in all that God has provided for them through Christ.

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