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A College Built On The Word Of God

God Is Risen 

We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died for the sins of mankind on the Cross, rose from the dead on the third day and is the firstborn from the dead, the firstborn of the creation of God.

God Is Omnipotent

We believe that God is a triune being. He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

God Is Loving 

We believe that only the blood of Jesus Christ and the law of the Spirit of life can restore broken relationships with God and release man from the power of the law of sin and death.

Our Team

Meet our team of experienced instructors.

Pastor Derek Wilson

Dr Derek Wilson founder of the Spirit of Love Center, has sought to fulfill the Lord’s plan in establishing and building up the Body of Christ. He has opened up his heart to help other pastors, leaders and churches to walk in the fullness of their authority and potential in the body of Christ. Pastor Derek has a vision to see Jesus manifest His power throughout every city and nation. The Lord has been using him to operate in the office of the Apostle. The Apostolic Anointing displays the power of the governmental structure and foundational need to “build many the House of the Lord”. There are many pastors who have been encouraged, “built up” and sent forth to do the work of the Lord.

Pastor Roy Coleman

Roy Coleman, Senior Pastor & Founder of Victory Christian Center Church (VCCC). He has helped plant several churches and served in three different area churches as Senior Associate Pastor, Elder, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Also served in most ministry areas before planting VCCC. Pastor Roy has been teaching and preaching the Word of God for the past 30+ years, using one of God’s strongest gifts and anointing in his spirit and life.

Pastor James E. Byars

Pastor James teaches the Word of Faith with Simplicity and understanding. He is the founder and director of Fountain of Faith’s Men Ministry, “Men of The Word,” where he conducts bi-monthly mentorship classes. He is also the lead teacher of The Fountain’s New Members Class. Pastor James is also a former Louisville, KY Professional Private School Classroom Teacher with an endorsement in Bible Study and a former instructor at the Kingdom Training Center Bible School, Louisville, KY.

Dr. Joseph Brown, Sr.

Dr. Brown is the pastor of Seeds of Faith Christian Center. He has a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry, a master’s degree in Theology from Campbellsville University, and a doctorate in divinity and theology. He is currently working on a doctorate in education at Northcentral University. He has been a volunteer chaplain in a nursing home, helping and teaching people with illnesses for four years, and collaborating with the rabbis in the synagogue at the nursing home; he is known as an honorary Jew. Dr. Brown is an anointed teacher in leadership. He has worked at the Kentucky Career Center, helping people find jobs. He loves to preach and teach the word of God to anyone that has ears to hear. His job is to empower people to help them live a godly life. He has been in the National Guard and Reserves for fourteen years, seven years as a chaplain assistant, seven years in communication.

Dr. Charles "Randy" Nichols

Dr Charles “Randy” Nichols is a graduate of Kentucky State University (history and political science ’80) and an MPA (human resource management ’84). He holds an earned doctorate in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship from the Union Institute (’95). Dr. Nichols began his online teaching career in 1998 serving as doctoral faculty for Walden University and has served as Sullivan University’s first Online Dean. Dr Nichols has taught on several learning management systems and holds a variety of online instructor certifications. He has created online courses for: Los Angeles Community College, Kaplan University, Southern New Hampshire University and Sullivan University.

Cecil Blye

Cecil Blye is lead pastor of More Grace Ministries Church, and president of More Grace Ministries, Inc. He is a graduate of Brown University (B.A. in American Civilization), Harvard University (Masters in Theological Studies) and Brandeis School of Law (Juris Doctor). Pastor Blye’s television broadcast, “Faith Is The Victory”, is viewed internationally. Pastor Blye serves as one of three national vice-presidents for S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True To America’s National Destiny), and also serves as general legal counsel for the organization, which promotes biblical worldview, free enterprise, personal freedom and a constitutional republic. Pastor Blye is a past president of the Louisville Right To Life, past chairman of the Louisville Branch NAACP Legal Redress Committee, served as an Assistant Director of Law for the City of Louisville, as an attorney for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. He begins his first year of teaching at Victory Bible Training College with the fall semester

Flexible & Practical Online Learning

A Relational Associates Degree of Theology for 2021


Laws of Faith

The study of the  how god gave us live and laws to live by. 


The name Of Jesus

The study of the Human spirit will be studied in this course an how Jesus came to be the son of God.



The study of the Human spirit will be studied in this course. 



The study of Holy Spirit will be covered in this lesson.

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